The Financials – 2016FY

Royal Wolf is a business that sells and leases shipping containers. It may sound dull and unexciting, but they are some interesting factors at play in the shipping container market.

In the boom years, Royal Wolf buys up containers, utilizing cash and increasing the size of its fleet. In lean years, it sells surplus units to generate cash and reduce the size of its fleet. Its apparent strategy of inventory management appears Royal Wolf takes in cash during boom years and will release cash in lean ones.

Looking over the companies’ latest financials from 2016FY it appears that Royal Wolf has emerged from the resource and energy downturn in reasonable shape. The company was able to offset the resource sector slowdown by heavily marketing a stackable worksite solution for non-residential construction and infrastructure sectors, growing leasing revenue by 23 per cent.

Royal Wolf have been imbedding their brand as a household name. You only need to turn the television on to see their recent partnerships with the West Tigers AFL, The Block, Masterchef, Volleyball Australia and The Australian Open. The company have adapted to the ever-emerging pop-up culture by being the backbone of popular food events, offering solutions to food vendors. It was just yesterday I was jogging past my local supermarket and saw they were using Royal Wolf to store goods. I am excited about the direction of the company and their ability to transform the market.

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